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Ordering Options

Order directly online

A lot of my products are available to order online in my shop. Not everything is always in stock but usually production time for out of stock items is only around a week. If you want a personalized pick or pickbox the options in the online shop for that are somewhat limited. Best get in touch via email for these orders.

Contact me for a recommendation

It can be hard to decide which of my picks could be a good fit if you have never played with my horn plectrums before. Or if you are buying as a gift for someone else it is difficult to know what that player might like or not. You can always get in touch before ordering and i will help you navigate my little product universe and find the right fit for you. The contact form will give you a couple of options to select to help me recommend a suitable product.

Free pick reconditioning included

If you ever bought a Stadler pick or received one as a gift you can send it in and i will re- cut and polish the edges for free (you just pay the postage). If you play your picks a lot you may want a fresh and smooth edge again or maybe change the shape of the tip or the bevel a bit.

Shipping options

Unfortunately the pandemic has made a bad situation even worse. Before the pandemic shipping prices had already greatly increased due to the buyout of the German Post Offices by DHL. Gone are the days of a simple letter or package that could arrive cheaply within one or two weeks almost anywhere worldwide for under 5€. In the last 2 years DHL has taken the opportunity to wind down the cheapest options that were available and offer no more tracking or shipping estimates for these cheap options. Even with premium tracking options packages have frequently taken up to several months to arrive overseas. Therefore i’m afraid the only viable option for a fast and predictable delivery outside of the EU is now UPS Express which is more expensive but has been super reliable until now. 

Shipping to Germany and EU countries

In Germany the cheap DHL service (5€) still works OK and packages are usually delivered within 1-3 business days. For EU countries I recommend the slightly more expensive DHL Package with tracking (15€) if you are not in a hurry. Packages usually take 5-10 days to arrive. If you are in a hurry i recommend UPS Express (45€) which takes only 2 business days. 

Shipping to the USA and other overseas countries

As mentioned above the only viable solution is now UPS Express which is a bit expensive (around 55€/60$) but has a stellar track record for delivering packages within 2-5 business days without any delays or customs hassle.

Production Times

Since all my products are created inhouse by me sometimes there is a little wait involved before your order can ship. I try to keep the most popular items in stock but simply have too many models available to offer them all in all sizes, thicknesses and colors.

Standard online order production times

Average production/delivery times are noted on the product pages in the online shop but i always try to ship within at most a week after the order. In case of doubt you can always get in touch before ordering to find out how long a specific item will take to ship.

Custom and gift order production times

With custom shop and limited edition models the production time will usually take a week to 10 days. However for pickboxes with personalized inlays or engraving this time can increase by a couple of weeks to allow the lacquer to harden in between production phases. If you are planning to order a personalized gift for a special date please get in touch as early as possible. There is also often a waiting list since as a one man shop i can only do so many things at a time.