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For decades guitarists wordlwide have been contempt with flat pieces of industrial plastic which don’t really account for the fact that we all have different sized and shaped fingers and hold our picks differently. All my picks are 3D … in addition to providing better grip and control of the pick the 3rd dimension gives me many additional parameters to tailor the guitar picks to a specific feel, and tune the playing characteristics and dynamics response of the overall pick much more precisely. The natural material does not become slippery when you sweat and the ergonomic designs and engraved patterns improve grip even further.

the missing link …

My plectrums are engineered from natural materials to provide what i think a great guitar pick should have:

  • superior grip and feel
  • precise control
  • clean and warm sound
  • enhanced speed
  • durability

As a guitar player myself I have taken particular care to develop designs that meet these requirements.

On acoustics, archtops and piezo systems the unique warmth and overtones of the natural material are especially perceptible and on electric guitar speedy licks and pinch harmonics come easily.

Sometimes more is definitely more …

Stadler Picks are individually made in Berlin out of carefully selected water-buffalo horn, ram’s horn and vintage Galalith. No animals are killed for their horn and the horn i use comes from domestic farm animals at the end of their natural life cycle. Since horn is so diffcult to work with and does not lend itself to industrial manufacturing most horn is burnt as waste and only a very small percentage is still used in arts and crafts. A careful selection process and a lot of trial and error over almost two decades has led me to a handfull of trusted suppliers who can provideme with a consistent quality of the purest and most stable horn i need for my picks.

Expand your inspiration

Never loose your picks again

It always seemed like a shame to mix my beautifully crafted picks with spare change in my pocket so early on i set out to craft the ultimate pick boxes: tiny things of beauty and practicality. Over the years different design directions emerged but all are fueled by the desire of a minimal and practical high-end object taking design cues from boutique guitar lutherie.

Custom Shop

If you want an even more specific feel and style, the picks can be crafted individually taking into account your finger anatomy, playing preferences and esthetic tastes. This process results in a true custom pick, one of a kind and truely ‘your’ pick. After the initial crafting of the custom picks the same design can then be always re-ordered at a significantly reduced price.

Made by a guitarist and luthier for guitarists

I’ve been playing guitar and bass for more than 40 years and in all this time i have always been obsessed with plectrums. Initially i was drawn to the pick by my inability to play fingerstyle but eventually i found out that with a pick the guitar offers so much more versatility and potential for expression. When i started playing electric guitar in my early teens it quickly became obvious that the guitar pick is not only a helper accessory but an integral part of the sound.

After my design studies in the early 90’s i started to design my first ergonomic pick prototypes and the results were so convincing that it quickly became an addiction to bring to life what i had seen in my minds eye all these years. The early entirely hand carved prototypes however had one major drawback: they lacked the precision i needed to reproduce the exact feel i was looking for. For me a good plectrum is a fine balance between stiffness and flex and needs to be reasonably thin and not a chunky slab. With my background in 3D modelling i quickly switched from the sketch pad to the computer and later on equiped myself with a CNC to finally achieve the precision and repeatability i needed to develop the complicated shapes i was after.  With this precision i could finally create plectrums that offer all the elements i was looking for.

Once you have started playing with my picks i hope you will understand why I invested so much time in their perfection. They simply are something else entirely …